Growing The Team!


Growing the Team!

A Word From Doug – May 2018 – Growing The Team
An important role I play at Portland Internetworks is meeting prospective customers, new vendors, and members of the Portland business community.  Meeting so many external decision-makers each week, I see plenty of trends in our market.  However, one refrain that I’ve heard over all others recently is the challenge in attracting and hiring enough great talent.
Portland’s unemployment is at incredibly low levels and while our local economy continues to thrive, finding new employees and retaining key staff have risen to the top priorities of nearly every businessperson with whom I’ve spoken.
In this context, we have been experimenting with non-technical topics in our recent and upcoming Portland Internetworks events.  Two weeks ago, I shared with local business leaders how we attract superstars and retain our amazing employees by focusing on engagement and feedback.  And this week, our Technical Service Manager Thomas Denning will share his tips and tools he uses to lead his growing team of awesome technical employees.  We expect to be reprising these presentations at a national industry conference in Fort Lauderdale this fall.
The good news for all of us is that our businesses and organizations are growing and the need to add staff is a much more satisfying effort than, say, seeking financing, or complying with a dynamic regulatory environment.  However, it’s my strong belief that the quality of a company’s people which will drive its growth and success.
“Clients do not come first.  Employees come first.  If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”  --Richard Branson
Our headcount has grown nearly 50% in just a couple years, and to stay true to our goal to “Execute Like a Large Company, Feel Like a Small Company”, it’s critical that we can onboard new, great teammates at a pace we need to grow successfully.  If you have been successful or have tips to offer the Portland Internetworks community of customers and partners, I hope you’ll reach out and share your experiences!

Meet the New Team Members!

Kevin Freeman
Service Desk Technician 

Kevin Freeman is one of the Portland Internetworks newest members, having joined the team April 2nd. Since then he has been answering the phones and...

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Michael Moll
Client Account Manager

Michael Moll is the other newest face in the office; he joined us only last month on April 1st, but he is already making leaps and bounds as our new Client Account Manager. Along with settling in with his role at PDX, he has also already made an effort to

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Bowen Trevizo
Field Technician 

When asking Bowen about who he is outside of work he describes himself as “carefree, easygoing, patient, Moms love me.” He also describes himself as a...

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What we have going on this Month!

Leading a High-Performing Technical Team 
May 02, 2018 - 11AM - 1PM
10 Tips for Mutual Success and Respect Using Straightforward Tools and Processes
Join us at our office for a lunchtime Tech Talk with Portland Internetworks' own Thomas Denning where he will be discussing his perspective on managing a growing team of technical individuals. Whether it is certification training or the regimented one on one meetings to stay connected to the team, Thomas has accumulated invaluable insight that he can share.

New Technologies That Can Benefit Any Organization
May 09, 2018 - 11:30 AM - 1PM
Leverage Disruptive Changes in Telecom and Internet Technologies to Boost Employee Productivity and Reduce Overhead Costs 
In this edition of our business leader track of events, we will be introducing new technologies that have the potential to immediately benefit any organization. Our CEO, Doug, will be highlighting how these advancements in Telecom and Internet Technologies will benefit your company.

Mid-Month Meetup at Bridgeport Brewing Co.
May 16, 2018 - 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Join us at Bridgeport Brewing for Portland Internetworks' Mid-Month Meetup
Portland Internetworks invites you to Bridgeport Brewing for our Midmonth Meetup. Join us for an after-work meetup and when you arrive look for the friendly faces in blue shirts sharing a laugh, that will be us!

Head to our event page by clicking the button below!
RSVP for one of our upcoming events and we will see you there!
Event Page
New Client Spotlight
The Oregon Society of CPAs is a voluntary association of CPAs engaged in public practice, industry, government, and education. With approximately 4,500 members statewide, as well as in other states and countries, the OSCPA is committed to the continuing professional success of its members. The Society’s mission is to:

Act in a representative capacity for the profession

Encourage the maintenance of high professional standards

Increase public awareness and understanding of CPAs and CPA services

Support excellence in accounting education

Assist members in professional and personal development

Enhance professional cooperation together to improve the profession and serve the public interest


Portland Internetworks is happy to align ourselves with the Oregon Society of CPAs, which just celebratedit's 110th birthday! Join us in congratulating OSCPA, as well as welcoming them to the PDXnet team! We are excited to collaborate and move forward together.
Employee Feature
Cheryl Gaze

At Portland Internetworks, Cheryl loves that she feels empowered and supported to make positive contributions to those around her.As someone who loves people...

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Doug's Leadership
Book Review

The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly

Contrary to my initial guess that the book might suggest ways of being a dreamier manager, the story’s protagonist actually conquers his company’s turnover troubles by...

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ShoreTel Tips 
with Joe Hamilton

Tips and Tricks Using Just Your Phone (Round 2) 

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                              What We've Been Up To                              

From helping keep a business online during a cross-town move, to conducting large Office365 migrations (and creating respective tutorial videos), we’ve been involved in some stellar projects lately! Kudos to the teams involved in bringing these (and many other) projects to life!

Certified Professionals 
Congrats to the following Portland Internetworks team members, who recently earned certifications:

Ben Feil – Cisco 500-651 “Security Architecture for Systems Engineers”
& Certified Meraki Networking Associate (CMNA)

Ryan Mortinson & Andy Zirkle – CompTIA A+

Michael Moll – Cisco 700-551 “Security for Account Managers”
& Certified Meraki Networking Associate (CMNA)

Miles Fidino – PSU CEPE Digital Marketing Strategies 
Mid-Month Meetup
We met up at Migration Brewing for informal introductions and casual conversation. Sound like your cup o’ tea (or beer)? Join us this month at Bridgeport Brewing!

We debuted our new event space
We hosted our first public Lunch & Learn at our office, where Doug unveiled the ways that we attract & retain our superstar employees. Our guests left filled with new ideas, and Elephant’s Deli sandwiches!

We’re growing! 
No, we’re literally growing vegetables. Our resident gardening gurus, April and Nova, took some time to lend their green thumbs and share some of their wisdom with us. Did someone say, “more office snacks”?!

Internetworks in April

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Finding, Developing and Retaining 
Your Stellar Team
A Word from Doug - The Team That Plays Together Stays Together
When we started Portland Internetworks back in 1997, it was natural that we'd spend a lot of "extra-curricular" time together. Sure, we had LAN parties and went to plenty of hockey games and happy hours, but we also shot a lot of pool, threw a lot of darts, and even played a bit of poker. Initially, it just seemed natural as several of us were friends before joining together to grow Portland Internetworks. But, later we consciously decided that if all our teammates knew each other as sentient humans outside the office, the instances of misunderstandings, jumps to negative conclusions or frayed nerves might be reduced.
So, several years ago, we instituted the first of many annual "-athlons" (e.g. decathlon, octathlon, pentathlon, dodecathlon). Several times per year, we'd organize all-employee tournaments for bowling, darts, go-kart racing, spelling bees, cornhole, pinball, shuffleboard, bocce and even BBQ sauce creation and chili-making. For the truly competitive amongst us, points are awarded for placing high in each event with a tournament trophy handed down to each year's overall winner. For those of us happy just to participate and enjoy each other's company, participation points are awarded along with plenty of food and beverages.
The tradition has built great cohesion in our team such that I feel strongly that we have closer relationships, better communication, and better friendships than so many companies in our business. In fact, getting together outside the office has spurred all sorts of new, non-"athlon", non-company initiated role-playing game groups, community garden plots, book clubs, B-Movie Bingo nights, online gaming squads, and sports teams.
My CEO responsibilities include discussing the challenges facing the businesses of our customers, prospects, vendors and peers. Among the top struggles I always hear about are the difficulties in attracting, engaging, and retaining high performing employees. I believe that we do a better job of attracting and retaining superstar leaders at Portland Internetworks, and our emphasis on engaging our team outside the confines of our office is a key part of our success.
If your team rarely gets together outside the office, consider starting small and letting it build. I'd love to talk with you about how we got started if you need a boost. Drop me a line and let's grab coffee together!
Hang Out With Us Offline
Here is what you can expect from us April!
Join us for our network-expanding Happy Hour April 11 at 5:30. The good times are happening at Migration Brewing! This event is perfect for you if you are looking to meet our team, network with Portland professionals, or even if you are just looking to have a cold one with friendly individuals after work! 
All are welcome, work friends, significant others, your favorite pet (ok, we probably can't let you bring your pet... but you get the idea), we just ask that you RSVP at our event page!
How to attract and retain superstar employees by turbocharging engagement and driving company culture. 
Our CEO will be discussing Portland Internetworks' successes on how to find and hire and cultivate stellar individuals on your team. Come collaborate with us April 18 at 11:00 AM, we will be hosting this event at our office, located just off East Burnside. During this Lunch and Learn we will be opening a line of communication into a pivotal tool that has helped us grow over the years.
Please RSVP for the L&L at our event page!
What Other Events Can You Look Forward To?
Here is a taste of what is to come from the Portland Internetworks team.
More information on these events will be sent out in our event update in two weeks.
Leading a high-performing technical team - 10 tips for mutual success and respect using straightforward tools and processes.
How to leverage disruptive changes in telecom and Internet technologies to boost employee productivity and reduce overhead costs
Our Midmonth after work gathering! Come join us for a casual event at a local watering hole, build your network, reconnect with our team and relax afterwork. 
Location: TBD soon! We will be sending out this and more information to you in our event update, coming in two weeks!
Microsoft Azure 101 - Infrastructure as a Service, Business Continuity and other basic Azure offerings including VM spin-up demonstration.
Our Midmonth after work gathering! Come join us for a casual event at a local watering hole, build your network, reconnect with our team and relax afterwork. 
Location: Breakside Brewing, Slabtown in NW Portland 
Introducing today's business collaboration tools to improve employee communication and cohesion - How Slack, Teams, Skype For Business, WebEx and others bring workforces together.
I invite you to read a sit down interview I had with Thomas Denning, one of Portland Internetworks' leaders that is helping the technical team thrive.

We Want To Help Out Portland!
Our passion for supporting our community extends beyond the service desk and server room
This article is going to focus on pro-tips that will help you manage your ShoreTel phone while JUST using your telephone.
New Client Spotlight
Adelsheim Vineyard was established in 1972 and was the very first winery in the Chehalem Mountains of Willamette Valley. Their team has valued sustainability and quality from the beginning. Nearly 50 years old, they now have more that 180 acres of vineyards planted. With the vineyards age and size growing they still wish to leave the world unhindered from their wine making processes, which is why the wines, winery and vineyard are all LIVE-certified and Salmon Safe. "Every member of our organization is committed to treading lightly on the earth so that our vineyards, our wines, and our people will be around for as long as our wines are in demand." With unwavering values and a selection of some of Oregon's most delectable wine Adelsheim should be on you list of places to visit this spring.
Visit there website here 
Or see what events they have going on here
What Were We Up To Last Month?
2018 Decathlon Begins!
Every year we stir up a little competition in the office in the effort to bring everyone together and to put a few smiles on each other's faces. The 2018 decathlon started with a night out bowling, which was right up our alley! Apologies for the pun, that's just how we roll. Alright, no more, I will spare you... 
Visit our Facebook for more fun photos from that night! 
The Anniversary of Marshall's B-Movie Bingo
Our very own Marshall Moll took it upon himself a year ago to share his favorite, how do we say this delicately, classic box office bombs with the rest of the Portland Internetworks family. Once a month he brings us a film that will bring a tear to your eye, but not from captivating dialog and beautiful cinematography. 
We want to thank Marshall for bringing laughter to the office with his film selections, which are sure to all win Golden Raspberries 

Power of the (Professional) Network

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The Power of the 
(Professional) Network
A Word from Doug - February 2018
What's the value of your professional network?
As our team pushes toward our growth goals for 2018, I have been thinking about the number and quality of relationships that I've managed to accumulate in the recent years.  It is frequently written that one of the most valuable assets a business leader can build and nurture is a quality network of professionals.  Whether customers, peers, vendors, mentors, partners, friends or family, a large and wide network can support massive two-way influence and the achievement of ambitious goals.
But, it's not simply a matter of collecting piles of business cards or shaking a lot of hands at so-called "networking events".  A true professional network is only as valuable as the sincerity and strength of each node in the web.  Also incredibly important is the variety in one's circle.  In Social Networks: The Value of Variety published by the American Sociological Association (2003), Bonnie Erickson asserts that the diversity of a person's network correlates to better health, higher wealth, less depression, superior employment and greater happiness.
Like major highway interchanges, there are also critical human junctions in the network I call gateway nodes.  Author Malcolm Gladwell describes these people in his book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference as Connectors who serve to connect your network to a wide and new universe of contacts.
An example of a gateway connector in my network is my orchestra conductor friend Ken Woods who invited me to play in Wales for the first time ten years ago.  That single introduction led to all sorts of new relationships which have blossomed into the formation of wide and deep connections.  Ten years later, I'm happy to have hundreds of musical colleagues and friends across the United Kingdom.
A chance introduction to Oregon Public Broadcasting CEO Steve Bass, playing chamber music eventually resulted in Portland Internetworks becoming a strategic technology partner for the two of Oregon's best known public radio stations and my connecting him to hundreds of classical musicians across Oregon.  The resulting web that two connectors can create together is incredibly powerful!
So, just as I plan to increase the scale and reach of Portland Internetworks across our business community in 2018, I also intend to continue building my personal and professional network so that the quality and number of figures continues to expand. 
To this end, we are holding two February events we are calling "Professionals Plus One at the Portland Winterhawks".  Each invitee is a cherished and close member of our professional network to whom we want to share our appreciation and thank them for their friendship.  We ask each to bring a friend or colleague that we don't yet know and that would find value in knowing us.  At each of these functions, we hope that the new combination of 25 people will make new connections and friendships which will last far longer than the fun hockey game, food and beverages of the evening.
I hope that you'll consider joining us on February 7 or 21 to make an investment in your network.  Email me for an invite, or find out more information at

Did you know?
Portland Internetworks has a Culture
Page where you can meet the entire PDX 
family! Its crazy we have all our faces on
there accompanied by fun photos from our
office and events we have put on. You
have to go take a look!!!!

Birthdays this Month!
Come Hang Out With Us This Month!
Wednesday, February 7th
Pros and Plus Ones 
Networking Event at Moda Center 
Wednesday, February 21st
Winterhawks Event at Moda Center
Send us your ideas for future events: 
What topics pair well with Winterhawks Ice Hockey Games?
New Clients

Meet the Crew
Doug's Leadership Book Review

For January, I chose a short fable on how business leaders can pivot between spending their days buried in reactive activities-merciless streams of emails, customer complaints, and tactical decisions-toward more-productive efforts working on the business.  Mark Miller is the author ... 

Doug's Book Review by Doug Westervelt
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