Although we’re a few weeks into the new year, it’s not too late to set your technology goals for 2022. These past couple of years have brought forth plenty of challenges and surprises, and maybe your IT has taken a back seat. But, with threats growing more detrimental and more common every day, and businesses dependence on their technology increasing, taking charge of your technology is more crucial than ever before. And, we’ve got three goals to set you up for success


Keep up with the times.

Making sure your technology is up to date is one of the most impactful steps you can take to keep your technology on the right track. As hardware ages, it tends to do so less and less gracefully as time goes on. And, it makes sense. Many of us are on our computers, our networking equipment working to support teams near and far, for most of the workweek. Our gear works hard for us, and eventually, all that work takes its toll. It starts with longer loading times and more frequent refreshes, but it can get frustrating quickly. (Especially when the worst of it always seems to come when you’re up against a deadline.)

Although investing in new laptops, switches, or servers might seem intimidating, when you factor in the opportunity cost of all those reboots and support tickets, these upgrades almost always pay for themselves. Aside from all that time your employees will get back, using gear that’s under support by the manufacturer is one of the simplest yet most overlooked elements of cybersecurity. (More on that here: Out with the Old: The Lifecycle of Your Hardware)

Regardless of what gear you’re using, it’s also important to keep on top of software updates. Updates sometimes include cool feature additions and bug fixes that improve your experience, but they also contain critical security patches that can keep you protected from exploitation. So, when you see that little “update available” icon in Chrome or Outlook, make some time to get that handled. A few minutes here and there can save you loads of time (and even heartache) down the road.


Level up your security.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the tide in many ways, and especially for businesses. Many teams continue to work remotely, and more and more business is being transacted online. More than ever before, businesses are relying on their technology to keep stay connected to their teams and to their clients. Unfortunately, cybercriminals know this, too. The threats are getting more clever and more frequent, but tools are keeping up.

If it’s been a while since you took stock of your security practices, now is the time to do so. A solid cybersecurity strategy has layers, meaning that you have multiple tools and strategies running concurrently to keep you protected against the many kinds of threats lurking online. By layering the right tools, like solid firewalls and multi-factor authentication, with best practices such as end user awareness training and good password hygiene, you can stride confidently toward your business goals this year knowing that you’re protected.


Make a plan.

We strongly believe that your technology should be a catalyst that pushes you toward your business objectives. Having a roadmap for all of your tech to-do’s is a game changer when it comes to staying on pace with your goals. It makes keeping track of hardware lifecycles a breeze. Plus, with supply chain struggles and labor shortages being a very real problem these days, knowing exactly what you need well before you need it tees you up nicely to stay on track with your plans. So, when it’s time to put together your annual budget, you’ll know right where you’re at and where those IT dollars are going to have the greatest return for your organization.

Whether you’re resolving to finally take control of your IT this year, or you just want to make sure that you have the right technology to keep your business moving forward, we’re right here if you need a hand. No matter what goals you’re tackling this year, we’ve got the tools and expertise to get you there.