What would life be like today without taking proper precautions? Look before crossing the street. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. We now do all of these things as second nature. And that’s normal, we want to make sure that we’re protecting ourselves. Being who we are, we are also here to start a conversation about backups. Think of them as just another precautionary measure in your everyday life; a seatbelt for all of your precious data.

Backups can come in a variety of flavors. Take your pick: flash drives, hard drives, online backup services. You could even take a page out of our moms’ book and print out your important documents to keep in the farthest reaches of the attic, and then take weeks of searching to find them. It’s better than nothing. But thankfully there are more sophisticated and less draining solutions to back up your data.

Backing up your data can save you time, money and many, many headaches should your data be lost. Data loss can occur from viruses, hard drive failures or any accident involving your on-premise equipment. If one of these events happens, being able to retrieve your lost data can be your saving grace.

Ideally you will want to create multiple layers of backups, this can mean using both online backup services as well as physical storage (such as a hard drive). Storing your data both on and off premises is a good idea when it comes to backups. In the event of a hard drive failure, an on-premise backup can be really handy. But should something happen to your office while no one is there, you’ll be very happy that you thought ahead and backed up via an offsite option.

One offsite option are colocation backups. You can think of these as hotels for your data. They store all of your data on a server that is in a separate location from your office. Another strong contender for offsite secure data storage are cloud backups. This is different than cloud storage; cloud backups are designed specifically for securely backing up your data. Once set up, cloud backups require little maintenance, yet they provide significant value to your business.

We talk a lot around here about secure data storage. That’s by design; we’re here to be that extra support to you to keep your data (and in another sense, your business as a whole) safe. We may be a little redundant but that’s by design; redundancy is the name of the game when is comes to data security. Having multiple lines of defense is the best strategy when it comes to security. Just ask any 10th century king who lived in a castle.