We’re excited to announce a new team member and a new position here at Portland Internetworks! Sam Finlay is our client service specialist, a brand new role on the service team.

Sam is a recent graduate from Oregon State University, where she studied philosophy and Spanish. After her studies, Sam moved to China where she worked as an au pair for half a year. She lived in Shanghai with two different host families and taught the young children English. Originally her goal was to join the Peace Corps but she’s since changed course and is building a career path in communications.

Sam  says she’s excited to join the Portland Internetworks team and start building on her communication skills and carve a career path for herself. After only a week, she says that her favorite part about working here is the vibrant company culture. Originally from Rockaway Beach, Sam moved to Portland about a year ago after returning home from her international  travels. Her favorite thing about being here is the accessibility to the outdoors.

Sam is someone with an international mindset and a love for travel. While in school, Sam studied abroad in Cuba. Her perfect day could be described as waking up in a new place and having a whole day of new possibilities in front of her. Besides traveling, Sam is always up for a (friendly) philosophical debate, but be warned, she’s got a philosophy degree under her belt and is described as her friends as talkative. In any debate in which she’s involved, Sam will likely be the winner.

With a natural gift for communication of all types, Sam’s a great fit as our first ever Client Service Specialist. She’ll be helping the service team to field calls and make sure that your problems are handled in as quick a manner as possible. Welcome aboard, Sam!