Say hello to our team’s new BMW i3!

A video from the i3 office reveal. The office was quiet, aside from light chatter and phones ringing, then, all of a sudden, the garage door was lifted and Andy Z drove this i3 up the ramp. The entire team gathered around to check out the new car!


What does this mean for Portland Internetworks?

This is the start of a green transportation initiative the leadership team has been devising for several months. They recognized that everyone in the office has been required to drive to the office, due to the type of work we do. Our technicians and engineers need vehicles for their day to day work responsibilities (i.s. installs, client visits, deliveries, etc.). Our leaders recognized that the idea of having the entirety of the crew driving personal vehicles is a very outdated method of getting to and from the office. There are innumerable methods that people use to get to work now, and not capitalizing on Portland’s growing alternative transportation landscape would be a disservice to our team.


Why the BMW i3?

We utilized our strong relationship with BMW Portland to lease a new, fully electric, i3. BMW’s growing selection of fully electric vehicles coincide nicely with our team’s mission to become more sustainable. We hope to grow as an organization, but we strive to grow healthily and consciously, all in an effort to realize our team’s dream to become a certified B-Corp. Also, that thing looks pretty sleek!

Portland Internetworks team sitting in the new BMW i3

Tim, Miles, Tom, Derek, and Paul jam-packed in the new BMW i3


How soon can you expect to see vehicles all over Portland?

Baby steps, while our team is growing at an incredible rate, we want to ensure we grow wisely. Our leadership team will most likely bring in a few more vehicles in the coming new year, so long as our business and connections in the Portland community continue to grow. We will be sure to let you know the next time we add a vehicle to “The Fleet!” In the meantime, why not stop by for a kombucha and a spin around the block?

An image of Portland Internetworks' new BMW i3 with Sunflare

Our Stylin’ BMW i3


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