Adopting a family.

Every year, around this time, our company adopts a family through the Christmas Family Adoption Foundation. Giving back to a family in need is a fun way to do some good during the holiday season! We hope this story emboldens your sense of community and warms your hearts around the holidays. Your friendly neighborhood IT company is happy to report that our adopted family had plenty of gifts to under the tree Christmas day!


How does it work?

The team at Christmas Family Adoption Foundation makes the process to get involved very easy. Simply fill out a registration form for your organization/ family/ group and their team will begin the process of matching you to a family in need. We will provide a link to their adoption page so you can read more about the process.

If you are looking to join in on the giving next year register at the adoption page below:


It’s the season for giving, we can’t wait to hear about your experience adopting a family next year!

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