A Few Thoughts on Growth

Looking back at this time last year, our lives and our world have changed in so many ways. But, as they say, April showers bring May flowers! And, despite uncertain times and extraordinary circumstances, we have accomplished so much this past year, as individuals, as companies, and as a community.

As business leaders, we plan for rainy days. When the rain came, like true Oregonians, we got out our raincoats and put one foot in front of the other. Although the world was changing every day, we rolled with the punches, and got down to business all the same.

When times are tough, we keep our attitudes set to optimistic and focus our energy on things that we love. And, since solving problems is what we love to do here at PDX, we thought hard about what we could to be there for our clients. As threats against small businesses rose, we leveled-up our security standards in order to protect them. We did our homework, engaged with experts, and implemented operational enhancements to make sure that we’re always taking the best possible care of our clients, especially when it matters most.

As a community, we’ve achieved a lot, too. We stepped up and rallied for our local businesses by voting with our dollar. We stayed connected with the people that we love, and even managed to plant seeds for new relationships. We masked-up, gloved-up, and headed out into our community to lend a hand to the people who need it most. And, while there were days that it felt like an accomplishment just to get by, we did it. But, you know what they call that? Growth.

So, we encourage you to take a minute and consider the progress that you’ve made, and how you’ve grown. Give yourself a pat on the back. Not only have you made it this far, but you’ve also helped others make it through. And that, friends, is a major accomplishment.

Let’s keep going and keep growing. We’re in this together, and together we’ll flourish. 🌹