Marching Towards a Better World


March is here! It’s been a beautiful week in Portland, and with daylight saving just around the corner, brighter days are ahead.

March is also B Corp Month, so we’re sharing a bit about what being a B Corp means to us and our commitment to creating a brighter tomorrow.

Support is in our blood. Day in and day out, it’s what we do. To us, “support” means more than just tackling tickets and managing backups and servers. It means being there for others and looking out for those around us.

We’re problem solvers to our core, so we’ve always loved putting our troubleshooting skills to the test to cook up clever solutions to challenges in our community. As a local business, we know just how much the community has nurtured us over the years and allowed us to grow into the business that we are today. So, we’ve long felt that it’s not just the right thing to do, but our responsibility to pay it forward and give back.

We’d long been doing what we felt was right to do good by those around us — recycling, composting our kale, volunteering, and thinking of creative ways to lend a hand to those who need a boost. In 2019, we decided to make our commitment official when we became a Certified B Corp.

As a B Corp, we pledge to use our business as a force for good to help others. Being a B-Corp means acknowledging our responsibility, as a business, to the people and planet that surround us. It allows us to attract and retain wonderful individuals who share our values. It holds us accountable to scale our impacts over time and connects us with a truly amazing community of businesses who share our belief that people, planet, and profit are equally important. It signifies our commitment to sustainable growth — not just growth that sustains the P&L.

To us, being a B Corp is more than just a certification, a plaque on the wall, or a logo on our website. It’s a promise to do our part to build a better, brighter future where we can all flourish.🌹