Eileen Zimmerman, Helpdesk Manager

This month marks four whole years since Eileen joined our crew, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate her PDX-iversary!

Four years ago, Eileen began her PDXnet career as Office Manager. From the jump, Eileen has met every project with enthusiasm, organization, and, in most cases, a very detailed (and probably color-coded) spreadsheet. These days, she leads our helpdesk team, working to support and empower our technicians and engineers, and making sure that no technical problem that our clients may face goes unresolved.

Eileen holds a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University, and addition to her four wonderful years with us, she also boasts a decade of experience working in the restaurant industry, including restaurant management and leadership roles. While she loved the pace and the folks that she worked with, Eileen was ready for a new challenge and felt drawn to explore careers that aligned better with her values and afforded her a bit more work-life balance. On her quest for a new path, Eileen found our listing for an office manager.

“A storm trooper action figure and a couple of interviews later,” Eileen recalls, “I landed the gig and never looked back!”

Since that fateful day, Eileen has proven herself to be an incredible asset to our crew. She’s diligent, dependable, supportive, and a downright great person to be around. She’s an optimist through and through, and is always there with a good pun and a word of encouragement when you need a little pick-me-up.

In addition to being a wonderful member of our service crew, she’s a Survivor superfan, an avid runner, a foodie, and a northwest native with a deeply rooted love for the nature and spirit that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. To unwind, Eileen loves to jump in the car and head out to Cannon Beach for a chill family day at the beach or kick back and savor a sweet treat from Petunia’s. And, although she’s hung up her apron professionally, she still says that exploring new flavors and cuisine is one of her favorite things.

Known around the office for her zesty personality, thoughtfulness, and keen eye for details. Eileen is the perfect blend of pizzaz and professionalism. We’re so grateful to have her here!

Connect with Eileen via email or LinkedIn