At this point, we’re all probably settled into our new routines. Rather than donning our raincoats over our collared shirts, strapping on our helmets, and biking into the office, we’re making a much shorter commute to our home offices, firing up our laptops, slipping into our headsets, and tackling the day. While it still feels like a disruption from the rhythm of what our lives were like several months ago, we’ve found a sense of normalcy in our schedules.

Is it business as usual? Not quite. But you know what? That’s okay.

You see, trying times bring us together and provide clarity as to what really matters to us. And what matters to us is keeping our clients (and people!) connected, supported, and safe. We’re beefing up our security standards, rolling out additional security tools to our fully managed customers at no cost, and as the demand for technology skyrockets, we’re finding creative and effective solutions to keep Portland businesses wired. We’re hosting virtual happy hours and taking even more of our events online to help unite and educate our community.

As we forge ahead, we’re proud of the progress that we’ve made along the way. Although we’re social distancing, we’re keeping our values close and considering how we can continue to effect positive change, inside and outside of our organization.

So, whatever the next normal has in store, let’s not just accept it, but embrace it. Together let’s move forward by creating a new norm that’s even more compassionate and innovative than the last.

Here in Portland, we’ve never really figured out the whole normal thing anyway, but we created something even better. And that’s the beauty of this place, right?