This is more than a work-life balance.

It’s work that makes life better.

We love our jobs. Mainly because they’re more than jobs. We get a sense of purpose from solving tech problems and business problems. We share a sometimes-silly, always-smart camaraderie that’s tough to top. We bond over cold brews, home brews, and home games just as much as network security redundancies. We celebrate everything we have in common and celebrate each other’s uniqueness, too. People should come as they are—being yourself is the you we want.

We know our greatest strength is people – not just our wonderful people, but also the community we owe it all to. That’s why we’ve become one of the first IT companies around to also become a certified B Corp, which legally commits us to prioritize the planet and people just as highly as profits.

Working here makes you part of this radical move. And it feels so good: we volunteer IT services to a nonprofit every year. We give our team “VTO” hours in addition to the usual PTO so they can go volunteer in the community, on the clock. We support IT-Ready, a bootcamp that trains students in underserved communities to earn their A+ certification. And we apply our collective smarts to cook up cool sustainability initiatives.

Explore some of the ways we attract and retain some of the best and brightest (and fun-nest, if that were a word) people around:

Wellness at Work

Just like our holistic approach to solving IT problems, we’re thorough in the way we foster a healthy working environment. From our beautiful sunlit workspace to our primo health benefits, you’re in a good spot. And, assuming laughter is the best medicine, there’s a lot of that around the office too.

  • Health coverage starts on day one of employment
  • We cover 100% of employee medical premiums and contribute toward family healthcare plans
  • Take advantage of our optional flexible spending and dependent care accounts
  • Sleep easier at night with 100% employer-paid life and disability insurance

In the Community

We’ve always loved doing good in our community—to the extent that we made it official by becoming a certified B Corp that’s required to show, year after year, that we’re making a bigger and bigger impact through sustainability initiatives and community initiatives. As goal-oriented go-getters in every sense, this commitment to do good positively delights us.

  • Use a quarterly company-paid volunteer time off allowance to go make a difference
  • Take part in our Christmas Family Adoption
  • Use your skills for good as we make IT service grants to community nonprofits (we choose one each year and supply IT support to help them succeed)
  • Feel good about the fact that we support local organizations through in-kind partnerships
  • Get involved in our sustainability initiatives—we’re constantly problem-solving to lower our carbon footprint

“Life Support” Included

All our power as a company comes from our people. So, we’re not only understanding when life happens—we embrace and celebrate it. So have a kid! Take time off for your big bike trip, trivia tour, or wilderness read-a-thon! Stride confidently through life knowing you have a good retirement plan! We feel good when you feel good.

  • We offer paid family leave
  • We’ll automatically match 100% of your 401k contributions up to 3%, and then match 50% of your contributions up to 5%
  • You’ll be fully-vested in your retirement plan upon enrollment
  • Enjoy a healthy amount of PTO
  • Not only will you enjoy an anniversary bonus annually, but you’ll earn a company-paid vacation after 5 years with us—and a company-paid BMW at your 10-year mark, and a 1-month sabbatical after 20 years

Never Stop Growing

The world of technology is constantly evolving, so we’re always the first to support our team in their professional development. And, since life is just as lively of a journey, we offer company-facilitated trainings that make the adventure easier.

  • Each person has an annual professional development budget for trainings, skills, conferences, seminars, and other career-enhancing goals
  • We offer company-facilitated life-skills training seminars in everything from active listening to stress management and travel hacks
  • Certifications are key in the IT world, so we cover you with company-sponsored certification acquisition