Scott Crawford, IT Service Technician 


Join us in welcoming yet another incredible addition to our team—meet Scott! Scott fit right in with the crew the moment he stepped foot into our office, and let’s just say, he’s as cool as they come. Scott has always had a passion for computers and electronics and loved the idea of helping people figure things out on their computers, which led him to the work he’s doing now. However, before venturing into the world of IT, Scott spent over twenty years as an athletic trainer at Concordia University, managing and rehabilitating various sports injuries. Currently, he holds a master’s degree in sports healthcare and bachelor’s degrees in exercise science and computer science. When asked how others would describe his personality outside of the office, Scott says they would say he is extroverted, friendly, loyal, a dreamer with big ideas, an electronics whiz, and a ‘do-it-yourselfer.’ When asked about his favorite color, he mentions that it is blue with shimmering silver (the shimmering silver part matches with his hair, so he says!) 

Scott describes his perfect day like this: wake up, cuddle with his cats, go to the gym to lift weights, and then go for a run. Afterwards, he would return home to play some video games for a while before heading back outside to play nine holes of golf with his friends. He would then end the night with said friends at a nice dinner, grab drinks, and head home at a reasonable time to watch a show or movie before bed.

When asked about his five absolute favorite things, Scott mentions his love for pizza, watching and playing sports (with the Olympics being his favorite), cool electronics/gadgets, video games with character progression (with the occasional game of Fortnite with his son), and cats. A little lesser known fact about Scott is that he knows all the song lyrics to Warren G – Regulate, and says that his favorite movie is Predator, as he loves any and all movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it.

Want to get to know Scott more? Connect with him on LinkedIn, or shoot him a message via his email