Are you familiar with our family? If so, you know that ping pong is a tradition and a day to day office competition for many of our team members. You may even know who the proverbial “ping-pong playas” are, and avoid them for fear of receiving the shameful skunk trophy.

What you may not know is that there is a competition our team holds even higher than ping pong; a year-long tournament to branch out and test our metal in a vast array of sporting events. We have held this tournament for years and as our team has grown, so has the number of events. It is always some form of “athlon” depending on the events; some years a heptathlon, others an octathlon. All with the goal of earning the privilege to display the coveted PDX trophy at their desk, a high honor in the Portland Internetworks office!

This year with the incredible growth our team is experiencing and with the competition becoming more fierce, we have curated a decathlon, ten events!  The most recent of which was a battle of billiards! The team met at Sam’s Billiards in Hollywood to have some fun, share a drink and play some pool! The players took to the felt and some stellar games were played, and here are your winners:

  • 1st Place – Nova Bartlett
  • 2nd Place – Andy Zirkle
  • 3rd Place – Doug Westervelt
  • 4th Place – Andy Cook

Congrats to all the competitors and for our readers you can look forward to more updates on the Decathlon in the near future. Our next event is a team Spelling Bee, coming at the end of this month! Stay tuned! Until then you can head to our Facebook page to see more photos from this year’s Decathlon!