What is internetworking? To us, it’s connecting networks. It’s firing up servers and keeping our community online, but connecting networks is more that, too – It’s connecting small businesses to their customers, and nonprofits to those that they serve. It’s not just installing servers and switches; it’s connecting people.

As we return from our annual camping trip, we’re reflecting on what it means to be connected. This past weekend, we grabbed our tents and sleeping bags and headed out to the coast to unplug and spend time together as a team. And, it was incredible. We laughed for hours. We reminisced on old memories and made new ones. We learned about one another, forged new friendships, and fortified old ones.

They say that teams who play together, stay together. It starts with quick talks in passing or at a happy hour, and before you know it, it’s hours-long conversations around the campfire, spontaneous karaoke singalongs, encouraging each other to try new things. It starts small, but along the way, it grows into real, lasting friendships.

Not only does working with great people make the workday more fun, but it makes our jobs easier, too. Whether it’s setting up a tent, helping troubleshoot a tough ticket, or putting our heads together to dream up new initiatives to help those around us, having a crew of incredible individuals that truly care for one another is what makes it all work. We’re firm believers that we can do our best work for our clients when we care for each other and are united in a common goal: to keep Portland wired.

Be it with coworkers, partners, clients, or friends in the community, we believe that connection is key. So, thank you for connecting with us, and for allowing us to connect you with what you love, too. 💙