Originally certified in 2019, Portland Internetworks has achieved the Dell Technologies Gold Partner level for the second year in a row. This program was launched with the objective of providing support to solutions providers (like us!) via educational resources, business development, and marketing resources.

Dell Partners are made up of individual employees who have gone through trainings for each competency. These combined competencies are what make a business eligible for their status as a Dell Partner. Currently we have competencies in four areas:

Storage: Whether your storage needs are archiving files, quickly accessing information or a combination of the two, the Storage competency means that our techs will be able to recommend the best storage system for your needs.

Server: Dell offers a variety of servers, choosing the right one for you is integral to the efficiency of your business. Good thing we know the ins and outs of all available options and will let you know which works best for you.

Core Client and Workstation: Having these two competencies means that our technicians are knowledgeable in all of Dell’s physical products, from Latitudes to high-powered Precisions.

In order to maintain our standing as a Dell Partner, and to ensure that we’re current on all relevant Dell updates, we have to renew our certifications each year. Having these certifications means that we’re bringing you a high level of expertise in Dell products alongside the friendly service  that you can always count on us to deliver. Whether you’re experiencing issues with your server or laptop, being a Portland Internetworks client means that we’ve got you covered.