Our New Program

This week our organization begins a fun, new program wherein the goal is to develop our crew’s soft skills. The idea was developed by our admin team, whose members are constantly encouraging us to try new things in order to become healthy, well-rounded individuals.


Taking Time To Develop As A Team

We realize that if we hope to continually improve as an organization we must first offer our people avenues to grow as individuals. This is why we allocate an annual budget for team education purposes every year, which encompasses certifications, classes, etc. While we will be ramping up our efforts in technical education as our team grows, we plan to make an equal impact on more practiced education. This will be yet another way of tactically taking advantage of our position as an employer to develop ourselves internally. We hope to empower our team in as many ways as possible.

With the new program, we will organize monthly lunch & learns to focus on a wide variety of topics revolving around improving our soft skills. This month’s, and our inaugural soft skill lunch & learn centers around Active Listening and will be led by our Human Resources Manager, Cheryl Gaze. Not only will our new practice involving soft skills benefit us in the workplace, but these are skills that transcend into each participant’s everyday life.

For more information on Active Listening check out these links:

More On The Horizon

We hope to use our recent growth as a team as a launch pad for new endeavors to benefit our people and our community. This is just one effort of many that you can hope to see from Portland Internetworks. As a team, we are constantly learning and if you know of something that has benefited your organization, let us know! We are always open to new ideas.


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