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The Portland Internetworks team’s main focus is client success. Our client account management group is always looking for ways to utilize technology in assisting our partners so they can excel at what they do!

Utilizing New Technology for our Architecture Clients

We have begun implementing a complete Mitel phone system upgrade to enhance the day-to-day communication of Emerick Architects. They will be up and running with their new MiVoice Connect system before the end of February. Our strong relationship with Emerick has helped us develop a “roadmap” to ensure we are one step ahead of their team’s needs. Designing our client roadmaps help our team effectively communicate what new technology to utilize for our partner’s advantage. The new MiVoice Business phone system that we are installing at Emerick will serve their growing business well.

Going Above and Beyond To Ensure Client Success

When an upgrade or renewal would best serve our client’s business there comes a time when training is needed. New tech comes with new processes that can seemingly hinder an organization’s workflow. We want our partners to know that we are going above and beyond to ensure their team’s success when implementing new technology.

Many of our clients know Andy Zirkle to be one of the main faces of, having exceptional communication skills and years of experience in the industry. Andy, moving forward, will be championing the new hybrid sales/service role of Technical Trainer for our team. Expanding the scope of his position will help our clients capitalize on new technologies and processes. As many business leaders know change can be hard within an organization. With Andy dedicated to assisting our clients with technical education we intend to dispell any and all hardship that may arise in transition periods; because change is inevitable but with the right help, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

What Can We Do For Your Business?

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