Andy Key – Engineer, Musician or Both?

What can be said about Andy Key? That he is a father? A husband? A golfer? Yes, he is all of these things and more, but the main focus of this article is to highlight his musical acumen to get our readers excited for his performance at the Open House!

Andy, if you don’t know, is one of Portland Internetworks’ pivotal engineers on the network side of things. He handles large ticket items that take keen skills to solve so that our clients don’t have to worry. What you may not know is that Andy is an absolutely incredible jazz guitarist. His talent for solving tough issues that come across the service desk is almost eclipsed when he picks up a guitar. Andy has played a number of shows for the Portland Internetworks team and usually clean up crews are needed for all of the jaws that drop. Kidding aside, Andy does absolutely blow people away when he hops on stage! Also, not that anyone ever wants to be put on hold but, if you ever happen to be on hold while calling into Portland Internetworks you will be listening to the smooth stylings of Andrew Key. Let’s just say we all know there could be much worse things to listen to while stuck on hold.

This July 12 at our Open House (just the biggest event/party Portland Internetworks throws) Andy will be playing! We know you usually have to pay big bucks to see a musician of this caliber, but all it costs is an RSVP at our event page to come by and listen to him play! The Open House is shaping up to be a great time with all the good friends, delicious food, fun games and tasty drinks! We hope all our friends who can make it will come! If anything, just to hear a stellar musician play!


RSVP here: and we will see you there!