Cheryl Gaze

Human Resources and Office Manager

Cheryl joined the Portland Internetworks team in 2015 as our Human Resources and Office Manager. Cheryl “fell into” HR at the guidance of a former boss at a Bay Area advertising firm, and the rest is history. Fast-forward more than 10 years: she’s now a seasoned pro with the knowledge from her experiences to back her up, and a desire for learning that keeps her sharp and privy to the latest happenings in the ever-evolving world of HR.
At Portland Internetworks, Cheryl loves that she feels empowered and supported to make positive contributions to those around her. As someone who loves people and to lend a helping hand, she’s just the gal that we need to execute our hiring, onboarding, and retention processes. So, what is her favorite part of playing such an integral role on this growing team?
“New teammates! Our growth has made it possible to add more awesome and talented people to our lineup. That makes me so happy!”
You make us so happy, Cheryl!
Cheryl finds inspiration in nature, kindness, new ideas, and of course, her two (adorable) children, Esme and Adler. As a California native, she’ll never pass up on an opportunity to soak up some vitamin D or the salty sea breeze. Outside of the office, you can find her at the park with her husband and kids, listening to Neil Halstead, or savoring some charcuterie and cheeses.
If Cheryl were a crayon, she’d either be light pink or scarlet red; pink because it’s soft and welcoming, or red because it’s strong and bold. You can bet she’d be the sharpest one in the box, too. Those closest to her describe her as “smart, goofy, fun, and serious… all at the same time”. We couldn’t agree more. Cheryl’s brilliant balance of charm and judicious wit make her the perfect asset to our team.

Connect with Cheryl via email or LinkedIn.