Employee Feature – Kristina Dougharty

Kristina DoughartyKristina joined the Portland Internetworks team in August 2017 as our Accounting Specialist. With a previous degree in psychology and social welfare, Kristina decided to further her education outside of the social sciences. After taking a couple of accounting courses, she knew that she had found her niche. In short succession, Kristina earned her second degree in accounting from Portland State University. The theory-driven aspects of accounting appeal to her inquisitive nature, and she’s fascinated by the social and ethical implications.

Kristina appreciates balance – a value that she practices in her life outside of the office, as well. She loves the healing nature of the beach, but also savors the smell of rain in the desert and green chile roasting in August, which takes her back to her New Mexican roots. Most of all, she loves spending time with her family, who she feels blessed to have been given; friends, who she is thankful to have picked up along the way; and pup, Baxter.

While she may spend her time practicing accounting, her days of learning about and advocating for social justice are far from behind her. Kristina is passionate about giving back, and finds inspiration in random acts of kindness between people – actions that she’s happy to be able to endorse at work:

“As an organization, helping our community is a regular conversation, whether it be about giving time or resources to others, or figuring out how to even the playing field for current and future employees. The fact that this is an ongoing part of our corporate structure makes me confident that I’m in the right place.” We’re happy to have Kristina’s compassion and overall acuity to enhance the Portland Internetworks team!

Connect with Kristina via email.