Warren Hoover, IT Service Technician


Meet Warren James Hoover! Warren is one of the four talented individuals that came on board with us beginning of the new year. Warren has got some very niche (but incredibly cool) job experiences on his belt, ranging from being a part-time Buddhist monk for a summer, to a commercial fisher right off the outskirts of SE Alaska. In getting to know Warren, those close to him would describe him as silly, dependable, supportive, and caring. When asked about his five favorite things, he states that he loves spending time with his son, gardening, chilling out and listening to some old classic Roots Reggae records, riding and maintaining his 1979 Vespa P200E, and spending his free time playing video games with his partner. When asked what color crayon he would be, he explained he would be an Olive Drab. Warren can also speak German really well, and says that Mad Max is his favorite movie of all time. Oh, and he says that Mr. T is one of his biggest inspirations. 

We were curious as to what made Warren decide to do the work that he’s doing now, and he told us this: “Well, I have always been into computers and networking since I was a child. I usually got hand me down electronics from my stepfather, and they were always out of date or non-upgradeable, so I would find ways to make them run faster or to get into passwords to get access to his accounts so I could run better games. I was the kid who was still connecting via the phone line while my friends had DSL connections.” Apparently. most of Warren’s past jobs were labor intensive or physically demanding, so it was quite rare for him to use his mind much on his day to day job. He is now incredibly happy to finally use those underutilized talents and to earn a living by helping people come up with solutions to their tech needs. Very cool!

We’re so stoked that you are now on the team with us, Warren! Here’s to all of the exciting adventures to come!

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