Nick Gusto, Senior IT Service Technician


Early last month, we welcomed Nick to our team as one of our newest Senior IT Service Technicians. In getting to know him, you’ll be surprised to hear that Nick has got a lot of work and life experiences under his belt. He’s got a B.S. in Nutrition Science, a BS in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, worked as a sales specialist, worked as a marketing consultant, was originally an EMT, is an active karaoke host, and is now embracing his passion of all things tech in the I.T. realm. On top of that, he’s also gotten his feet wet in web development, graphics design, and digital forensics. He’s practically a jack of all trades! When asked how those close to him would describe him, he says that people often describe him as funny and thoughtful. He went a step further in describing his thoughtful nature, explaining that he’s the type of guy that keeps a large list of birthdays and will wish every single person a happy birthday as they happen. 

Nick describes his perfect day includes spending time with loved ones, enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, or chilling at the beach with a good book and some ice-cold brews. Some of Nick’s favorite things also include eating pizza, drinking red bull, and hanging out with his sisters. Outside of work, Nick likes to explore Portland, trying out different parts of the beer and the food scene which he claims is the best in the West Coast. When asked about his favorite movie, Nick responded The Fast and The Furious because he likes to live my life a quarter-mile at a time. 

We’re so excited to work with you, Nick! With vibrant personality and slew of technical knowledge, we believe you’ll be the perfect fit for our crew. Here’s to the many adventures ahead!

Connect with Nick via email or LinkedIn