Colin Guth, IT Service Technician 


Join us in giving a warm PDX ‘hello’ to Colin! Colin joined us back in January as a trusty Tier 1 IT Service Technician, ready to assist us with one of our newest clients. In getting to know Colin, you’ll find that he is a lover of all things music, and holds a BA degree in Theatre Arts and an MBA from Boise State University. He also explains that those outside of the office would describe him as funny, nice, considerate, and sarcastic. In terms of past work experiences, Colin worked as a marketing manager for several years, but later transitioned into IT because it was a better fit for his personality and skillset. He’s got a strong technical acumen, and a glass half-full attitude, and as such we are incredibly excited to have him on board with us! 

Colin explains that he really enjoys helping people and working in an industry that allows him to keep learning and challenging himself, which is what made him decide on the work he does now. He says that he really enjoys the aspect of troubleshooting, as it’s feels similar to a puzzle. In terms of what/who inspires him, he explains that he’s inspired by people who are passionate about what they do. Seeing others excel in their areas of expertise motivates Colin to be better each and every day! 

When we asked Colin about his five absolute favorite things, he says in no order: Going to new restaurants, because he loves food and trying new things, streaming TV show and movies, going on hikes, going clubbing, and going to concerts and musicals. We also asked him to describe his perfect day, and he said this: “to start my day, I would go for a run in the morning as the sun rises. I would then go see a matinee movie or musical, then go out to eat at a restaurant. Lastly, I would then go for a hike and have a picnic, and then watch the sunset during the evening.” 

Want to get to know Colin more? Connect with him on LinkedIn, or shoot him a message via his email