Marshall Moll started in IT working for the campus IT Help Desk at California State University, Fresno, while pursuing his journalism degree. Although he’s had an interest in computers from a young age (he used to build them himself as a kid), it was then that he realized that he could turn his hobby into a career. After graduating, he accepted a full-time position. In 2016, Marshall joined Portland Internetworks as IT Systems Engineer. With his friendly demeanor, attention to detail, and over ten years’ experience in the field, Marshall was (and still is!) the perfect addition to our crew.

In addition to leading our dynamic team of Systems Engineers, Marshall specializes in supporting the technology of our clients in the architecture industry. In his role, he not only provides top-tier technical support to these clients, but also works closely with account management to translate their needs into solutions that will ultimately help them drive their business forward. His knowledge of industry-specific software and trends make him the perfect “go-to” resource for questions regarding our architectural clients’ needs.

While his career path may have changed course from screenwriter to IT systems superhero, Marshall’s passion for film and entertainment has not wavered. Although around the office, we tend to associate his taste in film with the poorly made B-Movies that he shares with us each month during B-Movie Bingo, he claims that he does like good movies, too! He loves a good mystery movie or podcast, and Netflix-binging with his wife, Shannon. On a Saturday morning, you can catch him at home plugged into a PC game, playing catcher in a local pick-up baseball league, or scouring Portland’s dining scene for something new and exciting.

Baseball and bad movies aside, Marshall claims that what motivates him most is the opportunity to take on life’s challenges: “Part of what draws me to IT work is the fact that it’s my job to come up with abstract solutions to not-always-everyday problems. Whenever I learn something new, it’s a chance to go back and make things even more efficient and less costly.”

Marshall says what he loves most about Portland Internetworks is “working with people that I am lucky enough to call my friends every day. Also, as Team Lead, I get to see a lot of successes being brought about my team that are very rewarding.”

Whether it be a listening ear, technical leadership, or a good pun, we know that we can always count on Marshall.


Marshall Moll sitting on a couch

Connect with Marshall via email or LinkedIn.