Working with our Clients

As a team, we view our clients as partners more than customers. We strive to create a lasting relationship where both service provider and client can come to rely on one another for support. Bora Architects is a prime example of this since July of 2016 when their team signed on for our full package of managed services.

Our Partnership

Our two groups have come to understand each other’s needs and wants through constant communication. With dedicated contact points between companies, we minimize disconnect. Jenny Huilca, Client Account Manager, is our team’s contact point for Bora. She is the liaison, first line of defense, and problem solver that is dedicated to their success.

Jenny finds it important to always stay in contact with her clients. Early on, she establishes recurring meetings to understand concerns and pains the client is having. She also offers complete transparency in her meetings regarding upcoming costs, budgets, and her concerns to reduce potential miscommunication. The open dialog creates a level of understanding and forms a strong bond.


Developing the Map to Client Success

As technology is constantly driving businesses forward, we strive to always have solutions ready to implement to enhance Bora’s creativity. This is why every client has a client account manager, it helps our team ensure top-level service is being provided.

With every client (partner) we develop technology roadmaps and budget plans to maximize each organization’s potential. With Bora, the roadmaps have everything to do with eliminating obstacles for their team. We assist with new workstations, product licenses and programs to reduce any interference in their workflow. If their team members want one design program over another for personal preference, so be it! Let’s guarantee the technology suits the people and assists them to do what they do best, create.


An Additional way we Strive to Foster Client Success

We host training sessions for the team at Bora, and will be doing many more in the future now that we have full-time Technical Trainer, Andy Zirkle.  Yet even before Andy transitioned into his new position we hosted training events for clients.  See below images from a recent training at Bora where CEO, Doug Westervelt went over and hosted a full Office 365 training demo.

The addition of Andy as Technical Trainer is a benefit and major perk for our full Managed Services Clients. We now have the resources to not only implement new technologies for their teams, but have a knowledgeable individual take clients through detailed trainings on the tech. This means transition times between processes will be shorter, ultimately saving companies time and money. Plus, no one likes change, but with a trainer to help guide you, the change doesn’t have to be so monumental.


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