Need something to sweeten up your Wednesday?  

Well, here’s something to chew on: There are only 15 days left in 2020. 

With the holidays quickly nearing and as we get closer to (finally) turning the page on 2020, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to set our clients up for success in the last few weeks of 2020 and in the new year. Here are few of our thoughts for you as you make your list (and check it twice, of course):  

Since 2020 has been filled with such uncertainty, many organizations have played it safe on their spending in an effort to try and save for a rainy day. Now that December is here, that’s leaving some companies who were more conservative with their investments in the earlier months of 2020 with some budget to spend and purchases to make before the 2020 tax year draws to a close. And, this is causing a some stress for these folks. Not only because January is fast approaching, but because, particularly for small businesses, spending money in a time like this is still nerve-wracking. So, continue to be intentional about where you’re spending your hard-earned dollars. By investing in the tools that are improve the productivity, reliability, and security of your business, you’re basically giving the gift of less stress to your future self. 

If you do still have some purchases to make, keep in mind that many shipping services are being particularly conservative with their estimated arrival dates. With a record high volume of packages this year, shipping companies are working to balance to making sure that not only packages arrive to you safely, but that their employees stay safe as well. Companies like USPS are encouraging consumers to place orders and mail packages early in order to alleviate some of the strain on their systems, and the drama for you of things arriving at the last possible second. If you have the means, the earlier you can get things ordered, the better off you’ll be. 

Lastly, whether you’re checking off of your company’s wish list, or even your own, we encourage you to purchase locally wherever you can. Remember, the businesses that you rely on, rely on you, too. Especially this year, buying small and local can have an incredible impact on the businesses that you love. We’re staying home for the holidays to keep our community healthy, and keeping those dollars here in Portland will help keep our local economy healthy, too.  

Regardless of whether you’re planning for 2021 or trying to button up 2020, remember, we’re here to help you make the IT decisions that support your business goals. This year has brought about a lot (!!) of change, but one thing that remains is that we’re here to keep you connected to the community that you serve.