ShoreTel Phone/Voicemail and Conferencing Tips and Tricks Using JUST Your Phone


Even though there are a lot of advanced calling features that you can access using the ShoreTel 14.2 Communicator or the latest 15.1 Connect call control app, it’s impressive how much you can still get done without using a computer. This article is going to focus on pro-tips that will help you manage your ShoreTel phone while JUST using your telephone.

Skip the Voicemail Greeting

Let’s say you call someone in your office and your call goes to voicemail. You’ll start hearing their greeting: “Hi, you’ve reached so-and-so. I’m not available right now, but…” You don’t actually have to listen to this whole speech if you don’t want to . If you know you’ve called the right person and you just want to leave them a voice mail message, you can press # to skip their greeting. You’ll hear their message cut off, then you’ll hear the *beep*, then you can leave your message, no waiting required.

Log into Your Voicemail from Any ShoreTel Phone

Hopefully, everyone knows that they can access their voicemail by pressing ‘Voice Mail’ on their own phone, then entering their password-duh. But what if you’re not at your own phone? Maybe you’re in a conference room or sitting at a co-worker’s desk. You can still log into your voicemail from any ShoreTel phone by pressing ## on the keypad (you don’t need to lift the receiver or press the speakerphone button, just press # twice), and then entering your extension and your password.


Initiating a 3-person conference call

It seems like every phone user struggles with initiating a conference call.

1) Pick up the receiver and dial the first person’s extension or outside number.

2) Once you’re on with the first party and ready to include the third person, press the Conference button on the phone.

3) The first party will automatically be put on hold.

  1. To cancel the conference at this point, press the Cancel soft key or the Hold button.

4) Dial the extension or outside number of the person you’d like to include in the conference call. You then have two options:

  1. Quickly press the Confer softkey to initiate a blind conference (the third person will not know they

are coming into a conference call).

  1. Remain on the line to speak with the person you are inviting to the conference call consult conference, in order to prepare them.

5) Once you’re ready, press the Yes softkey to proceed with the conference and have all three parties on the call.

Tip To see the names of the people included in the conference call, press the Show soft key. While

showing conference participants, to drop a party from the conference call, use the or

navigation keys to scroll to that person’s name within this list. With the name highlighted, press the

Drop soft key. To return to the conference screen, press the Back soft key.


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