The ShoreTel/Mitel OnSite platforms gives you the ability to dial your contacts from Outlook and have the active call appear in the 14.2 Communicator or the Mitel MiVoice Connect 15.x Call Control Client.

The Click to Dial integration allows you to place the call directly from Outlook Contacts.

The ShoreTel Communicator and the Mitel MiVoice Connect OnSite click-to-dial functionality allows users to easily and instantly dial contact phone numbers on their ShoreTel 14.2/MiVoice Connect 15.x and phones from within the Outlook application. Click-to-dial eliminates “fat finger” dialing mistakes and accelerates the interaction with customers, colleagues, and partners.

NO ADDITIONAL COST The 14.2 ShoreTel and the 15.x MiVoice Connect click to dial from Outlook Contacts is available to all 14.2 and MiVoice Connect customers as a No Charge Feature. Integration set-up under the Partner Support Plan is No Charge via remote.


Go to File and select Options.

Go to Add-ins.

Ensure that ALL ShoreTel Connect add-ins are Enabled.

If they are not enabled, Select COM Add-Ins and click the Go button.


Ensure that all ShoreTel Connect add-ins have checks in the boxes next to them to enable them.

There may appear a popup requiring that you sign in to the Connect Client within Outlook to permit the connection.

If you have questions or need assistance with set-up contact




To Dial from Outlook using ShoreTel Connect Client (now called Mitel MiVoice Connect) and phone:

Go to Contacts within Outlook

Right-click on the contact’s contact card tab (opening up the contact’s tab stops the click to dial app). See screenshots below.

Select Call (Outlook Contact App shows Call ) and pick the number you would like to dial, then left click the number or hit Enter. Your ShoreTel/Mitel Connect Client will show an active call that is ringing, and your assigned ShoreTel phone will show the active call (depending on your phone’s Auto off-hook settings, the phone’s speakerphone or headset will come on when the call is initiated).


ShoreTel 14.2 Communicator:

Mitel MiVoice Connect Client:

Click to dial from Outlook Contacts means you can call contacts with just a click of the mouse.

For someone like me, that’s Coolio! I can quickly make calls and avoid dialing the wrong number, eliminates “fat finger” dialing mistakes, and accelerates the interaction with my business and personal contacts.