Joining Portland Internetworks on the sales team is Keven Ragan, who will be our newest customer account manager. Keven knows his stuff when it comes to all things IT; having graduated from ITT Tech and University of Phoenix, he holds a MBA, certifications in Microsoft Certified Professional and Net+ and has held previous project management roles in technical environments. He’s taken a substantial amount of coursework dedicated to different technologies. To all present and future clients with Keven as your CAM, you’re in good hands.

Out of the office, Keven can often be found in the great outdoors. He likes to go sailing; in his words, he enjoys the “open water and sense of danger and adventure.” He also enjoys camping with his family and he loves to be out in the garden, tending to the soil or harvesting his in-season crop.

Despite the fact that he hasn’t even met everyone face-to-face yet (he started during quarantine!), he’s enjoying Portland Internetworks and virtually getting to know everyone, be it over Slack or in our weekly Webex happy hours. Combining his experience in tech as well as his business acumen, we’d say Keven is a force to be reckoned with and we’re excited to have him on our team!