Alfredo Reynoso’s start in the world of IT was a little unorthodox. Instead of pursuing it head-on, Alfredo found himself on the brink of a new career while working in customer service at a bank. One of his customers became his biggest fan, it’s no surprise how that happened; he’s often described by those closes to him as fun, friendly and lively. This fan of his tried (and eventually succeeded) in bringing him on to her husband’s company, which happened to be a MSP. Alfredo started off as a dispatcher and learned a lot about computers. His first job at a MSP led to a second, where he worked his way up to site manager.

After his second MSP, Alfredo and his wife moved to Portland from Fullerton, CA in search of a place to settle down and call home. After a stint at a local glass factory (more on that later), Alfredo joins the Portland Internetworks team as an IT services technician. Since his move up north, Alfredo and his wife have found solace in the greenery of their new hometown. He’s continually awe-struck by the size of the trees at even the smallest parks. Alfredo says that Portland is a nice combination of nature and community.

Don’t be fooled by Alfredo’s day job; he’s also a master crafter and comes to us most recently from a job at a local glass factory where he worked as a glass caster. Alfredo’s creativity isn’t limited by his choice of material; he also works with metal, wood and leather to create any number of projects with his wife at his side. Alfredo is also a big time sushi buff, when asked if he could eat one thing for the rest of his life, he’ll tell you without hesitation that it’s sushi. Hands down.

Alfredo is the kind of person who is continually in pursuit of growth; he’s inspired by the fact that humans aren’t fixed beings and are capable of growth if we focus our attention on those areas.  To this point, he quoted Bob Ross, who said: “Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.”

A dedication to career (and craft) are obvious when talking to Alfredo; he’s full of grit and optimism. We’re happy to welcome Alfredo to the team and offer our full support in his noble pursuit towards knowledge and growth!