Matt Feil

Service Desk Intern


Matt joined the Portland Internetworks team this month as our Service Desk Intern. In his role, will be training with Senior Engineers in the Portland Internetworks way of providing excellent support and service to our customers. He will learn the ins-and-outs of IT support, with a focus on desktop, server, and network technologies. Though he will only be with the team for the summer, we are certain the Portland Internetworks Service Team will set him up for success as he heads to college and beyond.

Matt currently lives in The Dalles, where he’s gearing up to graduate high school. Afterward, Matt intends to move to Portland, where he plans to attend Portland Community College to further his education.

Matt’s interest in the IT & networking fields lead him to our internship program, where he’s excited to connect with friendly people who share common career interests. Couple his enthusiasm about technology with his love for ping pong and video games, and it’s plain to see why Matt is the perfect fit for Portland Internetworks.

Matt’s strong work ethic and ambition are complimented by his fun-loving personality. He loves to travel and broaden his horizons with all types of music and movies. He’s also a self-proclaimed pizza fanatic, so we’re sure he’ll feel right at home in Portland this summer.

Those who know Matt best describe him as caring, fun-loving, and bright. We agree, and think your future looks bright too, Matt!


Connect with Matt via email or LinkedIn.