Nai first found his way into the world of technology via Circuit City. He started working at the electronics retailer while still in high school, after quickly outselling the entire store during his first holiday season there, Nai realized he had a knack for sales. Initially, Nai had plans to become an auto mechanic. But after his first experience in sales, he switched gears and hasn’t looked back since. He joins Portland Internetworks as a customer account manager.

Nai comes to us with 13 years of experience in technology sales, and is extremely well-versed when it comes to cybersecurity. His natural inclination towards sales was a surprise to him because he hated giving speeches in high school. Luckily for us, Nai’s extroverted disposition, gift of gab and desire in building lasting relationships has guided him into a position that truly suits his personality.

While he’s not at work, Nai loves to spend time with his two kids (ages 11 and 5), who are a big source of inspiration for him. When temperatures start to drop in the fall, Nai can often found buck hunting. A real outdoorsman, he answered that if he were to become famous for anything, he’d like it to be for finding the biggest animal. Nai enjoys being in the Portland area for its proximity to all things outdoors, and also for the great food scene here. As someone who wanted to become an auto mechanic, Nai has always been into cars.

Nai is eager to settle into his new position here at Portland Internetworks. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand and only wants the best for the people he works with. Nai has a wealth of knowledge surrounding IT, cybersecurity and relationship building and we’re sure he’ll fit in just fine around here!