Alex Bush, Communications Manager

Five years ago, Alex walked into our office for her first day here at Portland Internetworks. Fast forward five years, she is now our Communications Manager in marketing; our resident “B Keeper”, handling all of our community initiatives; and Executive Assistant to our CEO, Doug Westervelt. To say she has left a mark here at our company would be a tremendous understatement. Alex is a never ending box filled with laughs and surprises. To commemorate her anniversary, let’s get to know the mastermind behind our marketing efforts a little bit better! 

Alex says that her favorite color is orange, as it’s warm, but also bright and a little fiery. Some might argue that this sounds a lot like her personality! Those close to Alex describe her as “the type of gal you want to sit back and have a glass of rosé with”. Her friends describe her as someone who cares very much about the people around her – she’s fiercely loyal, patient, and driven. Some of Alex’s favorite things include spending time with loved ones, traveling, and kicking back by the pool or on a warm beach with a glass of wine and a good book.  

Prior to her time at Portland Internetworks, Alex worked as a service advisor in the automotive industry. Alex credits her time in the car business with teaching her all about communication, building meaningful relationships with clients, and work ethic. Although she ultimately switched lanes into the technology world, Alex says that “cutting her teeth” at car dealerships truly laid the foundation for her career.  

For as long as she can remember, Alex has always loved writing so when she decided it was time for a new opportunity, she was naturally drawn to a career in communications. Having grown up in the quiet coastal town of Manzanita, Oregon, Alex grew up in and around small businesses, has always held small business close to her heart. Through a former client of hers (who many of you would probably recognize) Alex learned of an opportunity at Portland Internetworks. Alex says that from the moment she first stepped foot in PDX HQ, she immediately knew that this was a company that she wanted to be a part of. The sense of community really stood out to her, which made Alex fall in love with the company that much faster. Between the wonderful people and the opportunity to work in marketing for a company supporting the success of local businesses, she was all in. So, Alex took the leap, and the rest is history!  

Alex is inspired by people who are knowledgeable, yet humble and compassionate, and says that she considers herself lucky to be surrounded by so many of those people at Portland Internetworks. She says her goal in life is “to learn all of the things”, which sums up her drive to learn, grow, and make the best of any situation that comes her way.  

Thank you for everything you do, Alex, and cheers to a wonderful five years! 💙 

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