Meet Ryan Sherman

At a young age, Ryan started working in his family’s machine shop, where he was basically “a jack of all trades”, helping with assembly, inventory, and order fulfillment. In 2012, Ryan made the long journey from Connecticut to Portland, where he began his career in technology. He spent years in sales with a major electronics retailer, specializing in mobile phones and PC’s. Having always been interested in computersRyan is excited to blend what he’s learned in the industry with his passion for technology and helping others in order to help solve whatever IT challenges our clients may face.  

Ryan enjoys games and sports of all kinds, but especially watching the Portland Timbers. He loves the passion and energy that fills the stadium during a match, and the sense of community that comes along with being a part of the Timbers Army. Being quite the soccer aficionado, he’s been to games all over the country, and claims that very few teams rival what Portland brings to every game. When it’s not game day for the Timbers, Ryan plays Dungeons and Dragons or flicks on a “B-Movie” to unwind with some comedic relief.  

He says the thing that he enjoys most about Portland Internetworks is the comradery: “The biggest thing that stands out for me (even in the interviews), is how connected everyone is. This is clearly a group of people that not only care about their work, but care about each other.” (That, and B-Movie Bingo.) 

Ryan is a real team-player, problem-solver, and an all-around good guy. We’re excited to have Ryan playing for our team!  

Ryan Sherman standing proud

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