Cisco Meraki products can be game changers for small businesses when it comes to all things IT. With the majority of employees working from home right now, everyone’s top priority is keeping employees connected and productive. Whatever technology investments you make need to have a big payout. In the new year, we wanted to give your business a leg up, so we’ve compiled this list of products we think will be most impactful:

Wireless LAN (Local Area Network)

First up is Meraki’s Wireless LAN, offering your office fast and highly efficient wifi. With this product, connectivity issues are a thing of the past, connections are faster, and there’s a greater user capacity. The Wireless LAN products also increases security in the workplace; this product allows administrators to monitor which devices are connected to the network. These products also allow for access control, you will be able to prioritize critical applications while also limiting recreational ones. These Wireless LAN products will automatically assign firewall and traffic shaping rules as well as bandwidth limits. The selection of Wireless LAN products from Meraki can be found here.

Security Cameras

As for physical security, nothing can be more secure than Meraki’s line of smart cameras. These small cameras pack a big punch. You will be able to securely monitor your cameras, as well as adjust the settings, remotely without any additional software. Other security cameras on the market store video on the cloud, taxing the overall performance and bandwidth of your network. With Meraki cameras, you don’t need worry about these products taking up much of your network’s bandwidth, video storage takes place on the camera rather than the cloud. All of the video recorded on Meraki cameras are in high-definition, so getting a better view of what’s happening is no problem.

Security & WAN (Wide Area Network)

Meraki also has a whole class of products dedicated to security and WAN (wide area network). These products allow centralized management for security, networking and application control. Products within this group are extremely useful for any remote workers you may have on your team. These products use an auto VPN technology, making it easy for your team to connect to a secure network while they’re on the clock. Besides all of the advantages these products bring to each employee, these products are very easy to use, requiring little more than unboxing the item and plugging it in.

With a changed work landscape ahead of us, it’s important to get a jump on investments like these, to keep your business running. If you have any questions about any of these products, don’t hesitate to give us a ring and we’ll be able to help you find the best solution for your business.