In the best of times, it’s a headache to even think about contacting your internet provider when something isn’t working. With employees working from home in droves these days, that call to your internet provider becomes even less appealing (if that’s even possible). Want to make your life a little bit easier? We suggest the Meraki Z3, a teleworking device that is so easy to set up that anyone in your organization could do it.

When your team is working from home, security is a persistent issue; no longer is everyone protected by the security of the work network, there are many more variables at play when each team member is connecting through their home wifi network. Working from home necessitates a connection to the work VPN. One of advantage the Z3 boasts is that you no longer have to be worried about connecting to your work VPN. The Z3 makes it so that you don’t have to worry about that software at all; it will automatically be connected to the Meraki auto-VPN, which means you’re always connected. So whether you’re accessing a file stored on the work network or on a video call, you’ve got a strong and secure connection to your network

When we mentioned that the setup is so easy, anyone could do it, we weren’t joking; it really is a very simple setup. The Z3 will arrive at your house with all of the proper settings pre-configured (we’ll have already done the legwork). All that you have to do is plug the device into power, run a cord between the Z3 and your home router and you’ll be up and running; once connected to power, the Z3 will automatically connect to the cloud and download all of  those preconfigured settings. Now that the device is set up, you’ll have two separate networks at home so you’ll no longer be fighting your kids’ Netflix streaming for the bandwidth you need to get your work done. Everything connected to the Z3 will be funneled back to the office network.

Another advantage to the Z3 is its phone capabilities; with this device you will now be able to use your desk phone at home. All that it requires is another cable to connect your phone to the Z3.

With the Z3 powering your workstation, you’ll have the security and network stability that you need so you can focus on the work that matters.