Mission: Extra Life!

Portland Internetworks recently participated in Extra Life, an amazing 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The event was first presented to our team by one of our new team members Paul Filius, who has participated in the event for 4 consecutive years! Now before you say there is nothing difficult about playing games for 24 hours straight, we want you to give it a try! Our team can attest, keeping focus and gaming for that long is an endeavor, to say the least.


The purpose of Extra Life is to single-handedly, or relay with team members to game for the entire allotted time while raising money. Participants raise money in a variety of ways, our team utilized Twitch, a streaming service that sponsors the event, to aid our fundraising. We arranged a massive gaming setup at our new office, with stations for 8+ players and live streamed our team playing an assortment of games to connect and gain more donations! With occasional callouts to viewers, personal donations and a lot of gaming we raised over $1,000 for children in need!

What are my takeaways from the event?

Working for Portland Internetworks has opened my eyes to various opportunities to give back to the community, and Extra Life was no exception. Taking my love of video games and mixing it with my love of charity felt too good to be true! I am extremely proud of the turnout and fundraising from the PDX.net team last weekend! I am sure with the ‘above and beyond’ mentality of my coworkers, next year’s marathon will be even better!


How can you join in the fun?

If you would like to participate and join us next year, contact us through our marketing channels. Either through social media or by email. Everyone is welcome to join!


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