New Client Spotlight

Calling all friends of Portland Internetworks! Join us in welcoming Works Progress Architecture (W.PA) to the team!
We at Portland Internetworks pride ourselves in servicing the most forward-thinking, innovative businesses in Portland, W.PA is no exception. Have you enjoyed a couple beers at Wayfinder Beer with friends? Or maybe you’ve passed by the Slate building just before getting on the Burnside Bridge driving over to the West side, chances are you’ve come across the work of this team. Founded in 2005, whether you’ve heard the name or recognize the distinguished style of the brand itself, W.PA has grown to be one of the most well-known architecture firms in Portland. Having been named No. 5 in Architect’s top 50 Architect Firms in the design category in 2015, or more recently in 2017 receiving recognition from the AIA for select residential awards this company is consistently being awarded for their creative and groundbreaking designs.
I had the chance to sit down and have lunch with Carrie Strickland, The Founder and Principal of W.PA, to get to know each other, eat delicious food (thanks Meat Cheese Bread!), and chat about the company that she started and has developed over the past 13 years. We discussed many topics: how she was recently named a fellow of the AIA, the history of W.PA, etc. and when I asked about her current objectives, she stated that she wanted to focus on continually strengthening the growing team at W.PA. This is a wonderful goal, that Portland Internetworks could not be more thrilled to help them achieve!
Cheers Works Progress, welcome to the team!


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