Nicholas Raethke, IT Service Technician


Meet the newest addition to the PDXnet crew! Nico joined our team at the beginning of February as an early morning IT Service Technician. He’s an important man with an important role, as he’ll be on the frontlines putting out pesky IT fires even before the sun fully rises. In getting to know Nico, you’ll find out that he is an extreme advocate of privacy rights and all things cyber security. He explains that he is passionate about helping those who are most vulnerable in the digital world, and as such, we all think he’ll be perfectly suited for his role. 

In years past, Nico spent time working a reference desk in a public library, helping folks from all backgrounds with their technical issues. He’s got a degree in Integrative Studies, and had the opportunity to host a college seminar on “Tricksters, Outlaws, & Exiles in Contemporary American Literature.” On top of that, Nico at one point was also a Market Research Analyst, an Environmental Programming Specialist, a server & bartender, played a role in Emergency Management, and spent many years playing Funk. Rad! 

When asked about his five most favorite things, in no order, he explains that he enjoys Mushroom Hunting for the rush of finding something new and surprising, visiting major (and minor) archaeological sites (Tikal, Calakmul, Chaco Canyon, are some of his favorites), playing pinball, sailing across all sorts of waters (canoeing in the jungle, sipping chai while crossing the Bosporus, sailing in Bacalar..), and lastly, watching movies and any form of cinema. Speaking of movies, while Nico says that he doesn’t have a favorite movie in mind, he explains that he loves bad action movies, movies with German expressionism, low budget horror movies, and Iranian films, like Taste of Cherry or Children of Heaven. 

Want to get to know Nico more? Connect with him on LinkedIn, or shoot him a message via his email.