Last weekend we hosted a Nonprofit Appreciation Night at the Moda Center!

In 2018 the Portland Internetworks team developed a goal to reach out and connect more with Portland’s amazing nonprofit community; this event was just one of the many efforts we have executed to achieve our goal.

Providing Value:

Through our long-term partnership with the Portland Winterhawks, we utilize our trade deal and several suite nights to host educational events. These events can be anything from our “Tech Talks & Winterhawks” to the “Pros Plus Ones” event we host. Regardless of the catchy title, every event we host is focused on providing a fun, educational and valuable evening out to members of our growing network.

However, this year since we started the internal campaign for our team to utilize our growing team and our wide range of passions to benefit the nonprofits in the area. With that in mind, our events team had the fun idea of having a night where we just give our suite away! We leveraged our network to make strong connections in the nonprofit sector. Utilizing our new connections we then put invites out into the nonprofit community to see who would be interested. No catch, we just wanted to put like-minded individuals in the same suite to see how we could benefit the community together.

Event Success:

Due to the turnout and success of the game, we hope to make the Nonprofit Appreciation night reoccurring in our lineup of events. We believe event success is more than just warm bodies in seats, we believe that an event is only successful if everyone present retains some type of value from what we are doing. That night, in the suite, everyone made new connections, shared laughs and enjoyed the game. Our team was excited to hear about new volunteer opportunities that we will be joining in on. Others found ways to collaborate in the future! This was a huge success.

Curious about how to get involved or you would like to collaborate on an event with our team?

Let us know! Email us!


Chat with our friends in the Nonprofit industry:

A huge thank you to the nonprofits that came out for the event! Feel free to reach out to our new friends at SOLVE, Growing Gardens, p:ear, Creating IT Futures and Love INC!

Thank you to everyone involved!


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