Being away from the office means being away from the normal noises to which we have all grown accustomed. Perhaps you’re feeling out of sorts because the constant hum of your office (people talking, phones ringing, ping pong balls flying around in the distance) is a distant memory. Well we’re feeling it too, and wanted to share how we’ve been coping: YouTube playlists! Pick one that suits your needs and let it play in the background. Headphones encouraged.

  • For those missing the sounds of other people around, or the muffled hum of printers and shredders then take a look here or here.
  • Are you more comfortable working in a coffee shop? Look no further.
  • Missing your college days, studying for hours on end in the quiet of the library? Here’s a video for you.
  • Want to feel cozy and warm while organizing your next expense report? Maybe this fireplace video is just what you need.
  • Are you a frequent traveler missing the white noise of an airplane ride? This one is for you.
  • If the rain isn’t currently falling, but you’d like to listen to a rainstorm, we’ve got you covered with this one.
  • How about just some plain old stress relieving ambient music, take a listen over here.
  • Want to pretend you’re working alongside a remote creek? Give this one a shot.
  • Perhaps you’re missing the sound of traffic, seeing as there are so few cars on the road. We’ve got your fix right here.

Whether you’d normally be spending your days meticulously filing away or zipping across town between client meetings, we hope you this brings you some comfort and restores that feeling of normalcy; something that we could all use right now.