One million

Our team has hit a major milestone, one million tickets serviced! However, one million tickets represent far more than a simple number on our dashboard.

The number one million represents hard-fought wins… and losses for our team (we are human, and honest). It is one million times we have done our best to help the people that rely on us. It is a client’s bad day turned positive by our engineers. It’s new users brought onto teams. It’s deactivating a user’s account when they retire from a job they loved. It’s relationships being formed. It’s 22 years of helping Portland businesses utilize their technology to thrive.

More than anything it was one million learning experiences to help our team grow.

One Million Spelt Out In Doughnuts

Thank you, Portland, for the one million times you trusted Portland Internetworks to assist you.

So here is to the next million tickets!


Donuts in celebration of One Million tickets being serviced at Portland Internetworks.

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