One Month Later

Our team recently launched a new internal Lunch & Learn (L&L) program to develop our soft skills, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The first installment of the program was active listening, and how we can observe ourselves in conversation to enhance our overall communication. Through minute adjustments to the way we approach our social interactions, the team has been able to develop better relationships, understand one another better and supercharging workflows.

Growing As A Team

Our organization prides itself on its established bottom-up communication style allowing constant feedback and employee engagement, at all levels. We utilize several tools (Slack, Tinypulse, Monthly 1:1 meetings between team leads and subordinates) to promote perpetual idea sharing. Transparency being a pillar at Portland Internetworks, at our monthly all-hands meetings everyone in the organization is privy to all aspects of the business (financials, projects, plans, clients, etc.). With a group that shares as much as we do, it was an easy decision to further the organization’s communicative development with soft skill training.

The first soft skill L&L allowed our team insights into ways to improve communication with active listening. Having a new method of information reception presented to us gave every member of our team perspective on where they were falling short in our discourse and ways we could improve!  Our people have taken the information to heart, some noting how excited they were to engage with their newly acquired listening skills.

Developing As Individuals

Since the lunch and learn our crew members have been practicing active listening, realizing where they are strongest and identifying areas of potential improvement. It has been a fun intra-office process of trial and error, resulting in greater communication. Teammates have even mentioned that active listening is transcending the office and has made interactions at home or in social circles better. We are happy to report that the creation of our soft skills lunch and learn has been highly beneficial.


What’s Next?

We will be moving forward with our educational lunch and learns. We will be engaging with our community to bring in thought leaders to present new soft skills to our team. Finding experts who can make a positive impact on our organization by growing our understanding of soft skills.

Next month’s topic will be the Neurology of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion presented by Paloma Madina. Paloma is the founder of 11:11, a business centered around empowering individuals through education and motivation. We are very excited to have her presenting and look forward to sharing more team growth!



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