Why is Culture So Important to Us?

At Portland Internetworks, we put our people first. Doug has said it before and stands by it: “Our people are number one. Period. No disrespect to our clients, we care deeply about you as well, but our people come first.” Here Doug was speaking at one of our cultural Lunch & Learns on the specific topic of how culture defines a company.

Why Do We Spend So Much Time, Effort & Money On Our People?

It is no secret, companies that put employees first perform better. We wholeheartedly believe that the numerous cultural events we host for our crew will have a return far above their cost. Whether it’s the year-long decathlon, the Friday beer tasting, or the all hands lunches, we know providing outlets for our people to log off, unwind and congregate is worth it. We want our people developing deeper connections. Again, another well-known fact: teams that understand and trust one another outperform teams that do not.

This is why:

  • We are fine taking on the financial burden of moving to an office with twice the space.
  • Almost everyone at the company has the ergonomic Jarvis sit/stand desk from Fully.
  • Ridiculously well thought out gifts at the holiday party (Thanks Eileen).
  • A fun holiday party for everyone.
  • 401k eligible from day one of employment.
  • We have so many plants throughout the office, it looks like we work at a nursery.
  • We are ok having two ping pong tables.
  • A fridge is always stocked with an assortment of Portland’s best craft beer.
  • Kombucha and cold brew on tap.
  • Or even why we are ok footing the bill for pizza at Marshall’s B-Movie Bingo night every month (Which are great, and if you are lucky enough to attend one, you will laugh, A LOT).

The list goes on. Not to toot the PDX.net horn, we just wanted to get the point across.

Our people are what matter most!

“Are You Worried All This Fun Will Get In The Way Of Work?”

No. If you can’t trust your employees, why would you hire them in the first place?

When candidates are approached by our team they begin an extensive, thorough hiring process. The reason being: we not only want the best people, but we want the people who share the same values as us. These values are what make us enjoy coming to work every day, develop relationships together and add to the growing PDX.net culture that you will hear so much about. Ultimately, we believe a more cohesive team produces a better overall product/service and everything we do stems from that belief.

We wouldn’t be the company we are today without the people we have. To them we humbly say, thank you.


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