Good things come in threes. Raymond Brugger, our newest hire is no exception. He combines IT expertise, problem solving abilities and MSP experience into his newest role at IT systems engineer. Bringing him on to the team was a no-brainer. He’s a perfect fit. Originally from southeastern Illinois, Raymond has been slowly working his way towards the west coast and has finally found himself in Portland.

An outdoorsman at heart, moving to Oregon just made sense. When he’s not biking hundreds of miles on a solo trip, driving out to the coast, or listening to Americana, Raymond finds himself most days at 419 NE 10th Ave (he’s one of the few currently working in the office). Throughout his life, Raymond has had the great fortune to work in IT related jobs for outdoor-focused companies. He got his start with an associate’s degree in computer science. He then began in IT working for an outdoor center in North Carolina before moving to Seattle to work for an MSP. He then found himself in Sandy, working at a popular Mt. Hood ski resort as a systems admin.

Above all else, Raymond likes to spend his free time in the middle of a raging river. The draw of running rapids keeps Raymond occupied when he’s not at work. He says that whitewater kayaking has allowed him to explore places that would otherwise be inaccessible any other way. Whitewater kayaking makes him be present in the moment, more so than any other activity in his life. He even kayaked 226 miles down the Grand Canyon with nothing more than what would fit in his boat. That’s some dedication.

Raymond says that he’s excited to join a team filled with great people and culture; even after a week of working here he feels like he’s part of the team. He’s always on the move and is inspired to be continuously learning and adapting his skills. It’s easy to say that after a week, we’re happy to have him on the team as well!