Cameron Gray, IT Service Technician


Introducing another amazing IT Service Technician to the crew, meet Cameron! Along with Warren, Cameron is one of the four talented individuals that we welcomed on to assist in one of our newest clients. Cameron previously worked in sales for two years, selling cellphone accessories, but later jumped ship to becoming a propeller mechanic for three years, allowing him to work on a variety of different aircrafts. Cameron is now going all in on IT, and say he’s made a mark would be an understatement.

Cameron describes his perfect day like this: Wake up at around 7am-8am so that he can get a good start to the day, knock out some chores from his todo list before noon, and after that spend of the rest of the day lounging with his dogs. Speaking of his dogs, Cameron says that his 5 most absolute things are: His dogs & cats (unsurprisingly), motorcycles, spending time with good people, a slice of good pizza, and playing Pokémon. He also says that his favorite movie of all time is Stepbrothers, or really, any movie that has Will Ferrell in it. Outside of work, he is also an avid hiker, camper, hunter, and indulges in playing online video games with those he holds close to him.

When asked what made him decide to do the work he is currently doing now, he said this: “My childhood friend Mike has been in IT for a long time and has always pushed me to change careers. He told me how great I would ultimately do, and well, I finally took his advice and started to look, and thankfully, I landed with an awesome company and a group of people!”

Lastly, when asked about what/who inspires him, Cameron explains that making the people around him proud is what drives him to do his best every day (because, his biggest fear is letting down the people who believe in him!).

Want to get to know Cameron more? Connect with him on LinkedIn, or shoot him a message via his email