Have you ever tried (unsuccessfully) to enter your password on an account that allows a limited number of tries? By the third attempt, it can feel like you’re on MacGyver, trying to defuse a bomb that’s set to go off if you get the password wrong. Luckily the stakes aren’t as high and the contents of your account won’t detonate. But it can feel roughly as frustrating is if they had.

According to Gartner, roughly 20-50% of service desk calls are for password resets. This alone can add up (in a very real way) over the years and over the number of users from your business that reach out for assistance. Not to mention the time it takes between being locked out of your account and being able to access it once again. Having to contact support for a simple password reset can disrupt workflow and ultimately get in the way of employee productivity.

Setting up a self-service portal for your employees to reset passwords on their own is a great solution to this problem. Self-service portals reduce the friction in password resets as it can be done entirely from the user’s end. Ready to learn more? Reach out to our team for more information on how self-service portals could impact your business.