As circumstances surrounding COVID-19 in our community are changing daily, we’re pivoting to accommodate these changes. So, here’s the latest on how we’re adapting in these dynamic times:

We’ve reduced the number of staff here in the office, with about 2/3 of our crew supporting clients remotely. With the possibility of sheltering-in-place becoming more real each day, we’re preparing for that situation. Based on information that we’ve learned about shelter-in-place scenarios occurring in other parts of the country, we believe that we would be considered an “essential business,” and plan to remain staffed with essential people here in the office in that case. And of course, those of us still in the office are practicing social distancing, and closely following recommended precautions from the government and CDC.

In order to better protect our clients and our crew, we’re reserving on-site visits for emergencies only. However, we will continue to evaluate all “non-emergency” on-site requests on a case-by-case basis.

Much like our peers around the country, we’ve received hundreds of remote connectivity-related requests. As we all settle into our new “home office” norm-for-now, we expect that our workload will stabilize. In the meantime, we’re thankful for of all the positive feedback we’ve received – It’s certainly keeping our spirits up in uncertain times.

In return for the support that we’ve received, we’re cooking up some initiatives to help support our community through these uncharted waters. More on that soon!

Whatever happens, know that we’re here for you. Together, we are #PDXStrong. As the situation evolves, we’ll continue to keep you up to speed with updates, so stay safe and stay tuned!

– Your friends at Portland Internetworks