A few months ago when we left our offices in a hurry, we heard lots of stories from our customers about having to take work calls on their personal cell phones. Imagine: your customers call in to the main phone number, the receptionist takes down their number, pings you to let you know of the message and you have to call that customer back with your personal cell phone. Cringe-worthy, right? What if you had a phone system that could easily allow your employees to work from home and take their calls, without so much as a hiccup in the process?

Cloud-based phone systems are nothing new to us. They’re a great option for working from home, working in the field, and even working in the office (if you remember what that is). We’re happy to offer a new phone system to our customers: Portland Internetworks Voice.

Portland Internetworks Voice is a cloud-based phone system. It allows you to take calls from either a desk phone or a softphone. A desktop application will allow you to take calls right from your laptop, and a mobile application will allow you to take work calls from your Android or iOS device.

Having a cloud-based phone system is a great option for allowing employees to work from home because it reduces dependence on the physical office. It makes for a seamless transition for (just as an example) when there’s an unexpected global event that forces everyone on your team to start working from home overnight.

Portland Internetworks Voice creates flexibility for you and your employees. Of the many ways that we’ve (all) had to adapt in the last year, we feel that one of the most important adaptations is the ability to remain flexible. And that includes the flexibility in your workstation. Now for our hamstrings, that’s another story.

Want to learn more? Great! We’d love to chat with you about Portland Internetworks Voice, or about cloud-based phone systems. Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to give you a run through.