The Client: Portland Opera

We have developed a strong partnership in the last year with the well known Portland Opera team. They are a group of creative, outgoing, and wonderful individuals that have uplifted the Portland art community since 1964. Our team would be remiss if we did not highlight in this feature that they have recently started their new season of productions and this selection of shows is sure to amaze! You can purchase tickets for the upcoming shows at the Portland Opera Ticketmaster website: HERE

What The Client Had To Say:

Below are responses from the Portland Opera Team concerning our partnership:

What is it like to work with the Portland Internetworks team?

“They’re awesome. Their professionalism and expertise are super valuable – and they do great work quickly. They see beyond the immediate “fire to put out” of daily IT issues and help us identify our larger system goals and challenges.”

How has our team and technology helped your team achieve their goals?

“We are collaborating on an aggressive and challenging IT plan, and I am confident that we’ll get there. In just a couple of months we’ve tackled the conversion of our entire phone system, and also laid strong foundations for email and website projects. These systems are mission critical for us, and Portland Internetworks is up to the challenge.”

Has your team benefited from our partnership?

“Portland Internetworks has raised the bar for our IT and all vendor relationships. Our long and short-term business needs, their employees and company values, and our greater PDX community all benefit from our partnership. As our collaboration grows, we will look to Portland Internetworks for IT solutions to drive our business, instead of IT simply supporting our business.”


Our Partnership:

Many of our own employees have a deep affinity for the arts and the opera is among our favorites. Our partnership blossomed as many do, our two teams became friendly after a few social exchanges and the relationship blossomed to what it is today. Upon developing our friendship we realized their team had noticeable IT pains that our organization was fit to remedy. We laid out a success plan to help drive their organization forward and offered our assistance. Since then a few months have passed and we are happy to say we love working with the Portland Opera team! This is what our team values most, seeing good people in need and assisting them to reach their goals.


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